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"Spice up the fective season with Spice Cove products..J and I love the Fried Sprats with Onion. the must have Fried Onion Sambol, the benefits of Spice Cove Cinnamon (with honey & curry) and much more..."


Chirasthi Abeysekere

"I was introduced to Spice Cove very recently. Since I knew the spices were extremely hygienic, I didn't think twice to try it out. So I bought the meat curry powder & two bottles of fried sprats n onions.
The Sprats were just out of the world & I can recommend it to be a class 1 rice puller.
Then today I made a Mutton curry with the meat curry powder & made a mutton string hopper kottu out of it. It was absolutely amazing! The flavors of the stuff I used was so well complimented by the spices.
Since I know the way Spice Cove prepares their spices n stuff, I am now a permanent customer of Spice cove!"
Gayan Gunawardena
"All the products are really good. Love the fried onion with Maldive fish, bees honey and Cinnamon, cinnamon spray. Simply wow!!"
Subi S. Ranasinghe
"Premium Quality Cinnamon oil purchased from Spice Cove today...Smells Heavenly." -
Sandamali Kirtisinghe
" Ever since Gushara began Spice Cove, her products have been a welcome addition to our kitchen. Having seen first-hand the processing facility in Makuludola and a fan of the powders and modes that flavor meals in the estate, I am happy to have made a switch." -
Kaushali Uduwela
"Can be recommended to anyone who looking for quality and testy spice product from Sri Lanka."
Devapriya Perera Shyamalie Bopitiya

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