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  Frequestly Asked Questions  

  • Are the spices ready to go into the pan?
    Yes, most spices, (except cinnamon) are handpicked, washed and sun dried before been processed and packed.
  • Are the red chillies processed with the stems?
    No, they are not. All stems of red chillies and pepper are removed before been processed.
  • Are the spices available in different quantities?
    The standard packaging available for spices is 100g for retail purchases. Only Red Whole Chilli and Cinnamon Quills are available in 50g packs. However, we also do custom packing on prior order basis.
  • Are the ready to eat bottled food available only in glass bottles?
    No, for those of you who want to travel light weight, we give them in sachets.
  • For what can the cinnamon oil be used?
    There are many benefits of cinnamon oil. Please refer to our FB page
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